Rare pic of Big b -Rare photos Funny photos

Here is a pic that you have probably never seen..its our own Big B padded up for a charity match at Eden Gardens in Kolkata..India..
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Celebrating SRK 20 yrs in bollywood

Celebrating SRK's 20 yrs in bollywood
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wife asking for money - Hindi Jokes funny jokes

Chhagan: Meri Wife Bahu Kharcha karavati hai yaar....jab dekho Rs. 2000-5000 Mangti raheti hai :(

Magan : Arey Bhabhiji itane paiso ka karati kya hai yaar?

chhagan: kya pata??, Main maine aaj tak kabhi diye hi nahi hai !! :D :D

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Bitter truth - Indian education system

A bitter truth of Indian system

If you understand please share with your friends,

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longest hair - funny pictures - rare pictures-photos

can't understand she is really having hair or just making us fool !!
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Value Addition to Customer's requirement

such funny value addition ideas not only happens with IT projects, but everywhere

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Drive safe - Funny photo, Funny picture


Very funny and true

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Jay with Mausiji - Funny Jokes Laugh English Jokes Gujarati jokes

मौसी लड़का Engineer है ...
मौसी: हाय राम .. कुछ और नहीं मिला करने को ?

जय :कहाँ मौसी B.Tech करने के बाद कोई अच्छी कंपनी लेती कहाँ है ..

मौसी :है है तो क्या B.Tech. भी किया है

जय :हाँ मौसी .. सोचा था B. Tech. करके अच्छी जगह नोकरी मिल जायेगी ..

... मौसी :ये B.Tech क्या होता है बेटा ..?
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Weird images - Jokes Fun Funny pictures Laugh

Guess what this pictures are of and mention in your comment... 

For Answers

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Swami Vivekanand - Speech at Chicago

Chicago, September 11, 1893

Sisters and Brothers of America,
Wortg to watch this video
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